About Us

People need more & better choices - this was the basic idea behind DrSean Brand.

Actually, we had grown somewhat envious of the myriad options available to ladies: hair up/down, dresses & skirts, and all sorts of colors - just lots of opportunities to always have fun and never get bored with fashion.

Then Covid happened and suggested upon us another item - a new accessory - The Masgot. The Masgot is one of our original creations, offering contrast, layering, and multiple purposes.

Everyone knows at least one dude who could benefit from having more choices in life - check out our collection of masgots, and offer the fellow(s) in your life something they’ll appreciate for these challenging times, as well as those ahead.

Also, check out our hats, t-shirts, and other items we have listed - each comes with our simple, but all encompassing vision & prayer we have for you - to keep winning!!